[Milkymist-devel] Some new pictures of USB JTAG/serial board

Sébastien Bourdeauducq sebastien at milkymist.org
Sun Oct 3 17:29:27 CEST 2010


Le Sat, 02 Oct 2010 16:01:14 +0800,
Yanjun Luo <yanjun.luo at gmail.com> a ?crit :
> > It's the first time I realize the USB cable is going sideways, I
> > thought at some point the plan was to use a connector that points
> > upwards?
> As I know, only the big USB-B connector has upwards version, but it's
> really big one. Is there a hole on the top of the box?

A hole at the top would not look nice... We'd rather make sure that
when the case is opened, the top cover goes off completely and allows
the USB cable to be connected to the JTAG/serial adapter.


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